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badroomies' Journal
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Friday, September 7th, 2007
10:28 am
annoying roomie
Hi guys. This is x-posted to roomates_suck as well...
blahCollapse )

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
5:25 pm
dumb roomie
Check out my journal for my dumb roomie story (I would put it here, but I just posted it in my journal, and then found this group.)
Monday, May 8th, 2006
1:27 pm
I saw this and had to join, I got some stories of my own.

Ok, so today I gotta go back to school from term break and don't know what they'll give me, since the girl I last had is gone.

I'll call her...V, since her name starts with that. Anyhow, she was my friend from when we met in the fall, and yeah I knew she was a slob, but not that bad back then really, and I'm not much of a clean freak either. There is such thing as going too far though! Holy shit, I swear for the past couple months, the room stank to high heaven of weeks worth of dirty laundry, not to mention other things. I mean, I'd come in to find filthy underpants on the floor, brown and nasty, and on her bed, a nice juicy wet spot where her and her boyfriend...you know what. That seemed to happen quite a bit when I left the room, and our neighbor had nearly walked in on them. She also complained that the room, no matter if the fan was on and how many cans of spray were used, was so rancid it crept through the bathroom to her room.

I was happy when she packed up to leave, things smelled so much better, now that the mess was off the floor. Seriously I don't know how we passed inspections each week, she'd just push it all under the bed and that was it, and somehow we got by with only vaccuming like, 5 times since being there in February. I miss her because she was cool to talk to, but I don't miss the grossness!

She's not the worst I've dealt with though, what comes closest to the Roomate from Hell I'll post in another topic sometime!
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
6:03 pm
End of the School Year
So the roommate that I've been having problems with all year, is finally leaving. As am I. I'm excited to be boarding in a home with my landlord right up stairs and strict guidelines as to the state of dishes and such.

Unfortunately, the problem roommate has decided to leave myself and my other three roommates high and dry. In the lease (as is the case with most leases), it states that we are to clean the house prior to moving out, as that is how it was given to us. Well, we decided to divided and conquor. She was stuck with the kitchen, which is pretty much clean now, as my one roommate cleaned out the fridge and such. She has decided to not do said assigned duties.

Thankfully, our landlord, who has been aware of the situation since November, is coming over tomorrow. We're going to tell him that if he needs to bring someone in to clean the kitchen, he can charge the dirty roomie, as it was her responsibility to clean that room.

I can't wait for her to finish moving out. She hasn't slept here in almost two weeks, but she's still not done moving to where ever it is her dirty self will be infesting next.

Here's to the end of the school year! Cheers :D

Current Mood: determined
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
1:45 am
I live in a college-owned house, with 10 other people. Key things about this house; it is a designated dry house, which means no alcohol, cigarettes/cigars, or drugs. It also has 24-hour quite hours. Toss all that together, and that basically means no parties.

However, what with pledging for the Greeks starting, people need to get their party fix someplace. But why make it in this house? I really don't enjoy asking people to be quiet at 1 AM, nor do I enjoy the smell of cheap beer. Based on those two facts, I filed a complaint with the RA. Having somebody in the house be lazy and park in the driveway, blocking in four vehicles, one of which is a state-registered emergency vehicle and people deciding to smoke in the house (outside is fine. Inside is illegal.) I'm now leaning going to the residence director, because my RA is largely ineffectual about some things. If she wasn't a sophomore, there probably wouldn't be much of a problem, but she is and, well, I'm a senior, there are a few juniors in the house...she doesn't get the respect that she deserves.

Sadly, the Campus Safety people are out of tickets. I'm hoping that there will be a ticket issued to this person retroactively (not registered, parking in a fire lane, and probably a couple other things on there...) and that my complaints will get something done. Besides, you don't want to annoy the person who has FAR more connections than you do; she may end up doing something that you don't like.

Current Mood: angry
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
10:22 pm
Believe me, the extra cost is worth it!
I made a couple of posts about a bad roomie quite a few months ago, and since then I have moved into my own apartment ALONE. OK, fine, my rent has doubled, but you know I don't care about the money. All I did was make a couple of adjustments in my life style: no more going out every Friday and Saturday night (and sometimes on a week-day ha ha ha I am such a lush), eat home-cooked meals instead of going to restaurants, stop spending money on clothes, no more expensive cable TV, etc. and it's working out just fine. I now live in a nice clean quiet no foul smell environment and I have all the privacy in the world.

Trust me, if you're in a bad roommate situation, get out of it immediately even if you have to leave the cheaptest coolest-looking apartment in the world. It can be done. No amount of money you might save is worth your peace of mind, human rights, and privacy.

If you honestly can't afford to live on your own, move out of that bad living situation now, find a new place and get better roommates. (Did I mention that Dec-Feb is the BEST time to find an apartment and roommates, just look at craigslist!)

Never agree to live with someone if you have the slightest bit of doubt about them or whether someone you like might not be compatible as a roommate. Always go to their current place and see how they live, that is a good indication of how they will be when they live with you. If you're stuck between a rock and a hard place and have no choice but to live with someone you have a bad feeling about... make sure you do NOT let them on the lease. It must remain your apartment and yours alone. If the roommate doesn't work out you must retain your right to ask them to leave. Do not let them guilt you into getting on the lease or letting them stay if things don't work out. They will never change. They will not chane. Trust me. Oh, did I mention that they will not change?!

REMEMBER: You have every right to choose who you live with!
You have ever right to have friends over. You have every right to live in a clean environment with someone who has the same values of cleanliness as you do. You have every right to live with someone who will clean up after themselves and do their fair share.

It's up to you to change your bad roommate situation. Never compromise your comfort level.

Sorry to sound so didactic and all that, but I know from very very unfortunate experience that living with someone you hate is the worse thing you can do to yourself.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
11:46 am
And just to add on...now both effin' bathrooms have the shower going and I needed to use the washroom. What is this a charity house?

You can see why I just joined this community!

Current Mood: angry
11:15 am
I must say I've been pretty lucky with roommates up until this year. It only takes one person in a house of many to make life crap.

She NEVER cleans up after herself and has no respect for the others in the house to do it for our sakes. She's been given the name of "Dirty Hoe Bag" by a friend of mine because she's exactly that.

Dear Angela,
I don't mind that you have friends over, but please give the ENTIRE house a warning next time. I don't mean at six o'clock the night of your get together. I mean a few days in advance. This would also allow for Myself and Drew to tell you that we both have tests in the morning the following day and that we would appreciate it if you DIDN'T have friends over. If said friends MUST be here, than keep them in one spot, and don't allow them to walk across the front room continuously driving me nuts as my room is right below and they tend to STOMP. Also, it would be nice if they kept their voices down after 11:30 at night. Thank you.
Kindest Regards in the Sense that I would love to kill you in your sleep but would not dare enter your room for fear of catching some form of alien flu,

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
5:58 pm
Only six more months...
First time poster here.

I live with two other girls in a pretty nice three bedroom apartmetn. One of the girls, Steph is someone with whom I get along with pretty well. I'm about ready to kill the other one, Jen.

Jen and I were friends before we moved in together and I can honestly say that won't be the case when our lease is up. She leaves all of the cleaning and such to Steph and I even though she is the one who makes a majority of the mess in the bathroom and kitchen. She has a dog and a ferret, neither of which she takes care of since she tends to either be at her boyfriends house or working third shift at her job. Most of the time, she's wih her boyfriend. I can't tell you how many times I've been late to work becuase I've had to take out her fucking dog. Also, please imagine the stench of a ferret that is cleaned out about once every two weeks (it's disgusting). Now combine that with the smell of unwashed dog, and her unwashed dishes piling up in the sink. Now picture Jen bitching at me because my cat just took a dump in her litterbox and it smells bad. Please note that I use Febreeze, candles and incense to cover up any smells by the litterbox as a way to be courteous.

One memorable story I have is from two months eariler, when I had the flu. I had just come home from class and the only thing on my mind was to go home and pass out until the next morning. Jen and her boyfriend were out in the living room drinking and watching TV--which wouldn't have been a problem had they not been loud as hell. After about an hour of putting up with the noise, I shuffled outside and asked her to keep the noise down. I kid you not, she responded with "Lick my ass." Classy. The noise continued until around three. I had to work at seven.

I have a feeling I'll be posting more stories here. I just wrote a note on the whiteboard asking Jen to clean up her month old coffee that was spilled in the fridge and it had been sitting there for a few days. Her answer?

"Fuck whoever spilled my coffee"

And the coffee's still there. *sigh* Only six months to go.
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
5:17 pm
I've lived in my apartment for almost three months. I like the apartment, it's a good location, blah blah blah. My roommate is a nice guy, and we get along fairly well.

The problem is that he doesn't have a job, and never leaves the apartment--ever. I didn't know this when I moved in. I do have my own room, but our rooms are next to each other, which means I basically have no privacy.

For a while, I was really respectful of my roommate, and would only have guys over if he wasn't home... which meant I had someone over twice in two months. Obviously, that's not ideal. Last week, I told him that, while I did respect him, I was not going to limit my company to times when he wasn't home if he was going to be home all of the time. He seemed to get it.

Well, last night I had a guy over, and now my roommate is acting all pissy. He won't talk to me, and is basically sulking.

So my question is, what do I do? Do I revert to only going to someone else's house? The problem with that is I don't have a vehicle, so transport is an issue for me. Do I continue to have guys over when he's here, knowing how he'll act in the future? I did tell him that I was going to have company over in advance.

What do you guys think?
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
10:47 pm
What evil smells like...
Here's another reason why I hate my roommate Marc:

His bedroom... STINKS! And the evil stench smells something like a mixture of body odor, cigarette smoke, rotten shoes, and old-man smell. What's worse, when he leaves his door open the stank lingers out into the hallway and infects the entire second floor with spores of ick that kills everything in its path. If you think I am exaggerating, I'll get my other roommate (Ryan, the good one) to confirm that this is indeed what evil smells like.

We burn a lot of incense, barely helps.

I really have no idea how he can sleep in that room.

Current Mood: disgusted
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
7:39 pm
I got tons of bad roommate stories!!
Hi! I found this community by checking out who has the same interests. This is awesome. I hope your roommate situations have improved. Unfortunately, mine hasn't. My name is Stephanie, and I hate my roommate Marc.

Letting him move into my apartment, and letting him sign the lease with me, was the worst mistake of my life!

I will begin by telling you what happened prior to his moving in, and then what happened the day he moved in.

Before moving in, Marc told me that he was going to skip/sneak out of his current apartment so he can move into mine. I told him that I did not like that idea because it shows me that he will not be respectful to my landlords, who are the nicest people ever (and that's rare, believe me!), so I said that if he's not going to move out of his old place honestly and find a sublet/assign the lease, that I did not want him moving in. He specifically said that I was right, and that things would be easier for him anyway if he did things honestly.

So I figured things were all set. Later he said he found a sublet and that things were cool with his landlord. Fine. Great!

A couple of weeks later I went to his old place to help him move along with this dude Joe. To begin... Marc's apartment was disgusting. Dusty disgusting mess from hell. I almost gagged. I had to open a window. My heart was in my throat. But more on that later...

As we moved his stuff into the truck, yup, you guessed it! Down comes his landlord. Turns out Marc didn't tell him that he was moving, he was sneaking out of there. The landlord caught him, and got violent. They started yelling at each other, and almost started pushing. I thought there was going to be a fight. Marc continued to move his stuff as the landlord followed him screaming. I just stood there in complete disbelief. As Marc's back was turned, the landlord dude threw this mirror to the ground and smashed it. Marc asked me, yelling, "Did HE do that???!" I did not want to be involved in anything, I just stood there dumbfounded, not wanting to get involved.

The landlord went away in a huff, threatening to sue. I was LIVID. So I said to Marc that if he fucks over my landlords I will personally kill him. I was so pissed.

Then to add insult to injury, here is what happened when he moved his couch in... There is a big flight of stairs that lead into my apartment, and the couch is really heavy. So as Marc and Joe moved it in, they got lazy, didn't notice that there was a big piece of metal sticking out of the couch, and they (like idiots) pushed pushed the couch along my wood floor. THEY LEFT A 20 FOOT SCRATCH from the foyer to the living room right across the floor. 1 inch is an accident, 20 FEET!!! That's sheer stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, Marc tried to "fix it" only to turn a 20-foot scratch along the floor into a huge gaping mess after he tried to sand it down and refinish it. And here is what he did:

Reason #1 why I hate my roommate MarcCollapse )

Sorry, the picture under the cut is really big, but that's the best way to show the magnitude of the scratch/sanded hell (That's my cat MooMoo btw :). The scratch is much longer than what is shown in the image.

That is just the first story. I have plenty more, which I'll post in the future. SIGH.

Stay positive, OK? *hugs*
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
5:23 pm
Another update from me....
Which is that, yay! I moved into my own apartment (also talked about on my own LJ). We were getting another new roommate, and I decided that I just couldn't handle that prospect. I told the one roomie who was there at the time that was moving out, but then was able to do the actual moving out when she went on vacation for the break.

So I'm enconsed in my new apartment, and today I got an email from roomie #A wanting some dishwashing soap back. It was about half a bag of those Cascade/Dawn action packs that I had brought with me when I moved into there. I used them occasionally when I lived at the previous place and as there was still some left so I, of course, took them with me when I moved out. I fired back an email explaining that, but still can't believe anyone would make an issue out of a freakin' half bag of dishwasher soap. Especially as the last roomie who left trashed the place on her way out.

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
1:36 am
Just an update...

Just an update from me, in case anyone's interested....


Look here...Collapse )

Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
11:29 am
i recently moved in with a friend (bad idea, i know) and if it weren't for my wonderful brother who is helping me move out i dont know what id do.
it is the little things that irritate me the most about him, my roommate.
like leaving his music on 24/7. im not stretching the truth, he really does, apparently he thinks because he is a heavy sleeper everyone else must be.

the first thing he did that irked me was when he invited me out for sushi with him and his friends. that was nice, 'specially because i was out of work and he offered to pay for it (as long as i paid him back asap). but the thing was that when it came time to pay him back, i found out that he had put a tip on my bill without even asking me. if i had a job, the $2 tip wouldn't have mattered so much, it's more about him not even asking me about it.

later on the same night, i finally got some money into my paypal account and offered to pay for some movies he was going to rent. he said no, but only because the video store didn't take credit cards. ok, fine. well the next day we were going over how much i owed him, and he says "yes you also owe me $4 for the videos too."

it's a horrible idea to live with friends and even worse to borrow money from them.
so don't do it.
Monday, September 13th, 2004
12:15 am
I've decided...
I have to talk to the resident director about this guest policy.

Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
5:22 pm
And I was having a pretty good today, too...

Again!Collapse )

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
11:55 pm
I'm glad to have found this community, as this is the first time I'm living with roommates.

It's not that they're bad roommates, exactly...Collapse )

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
9:53 am
well, since this is happening in every other community I'm in, I might as well use it to see if anybody is hanging around here.

I have 4 gmail invites to bestow on the worthy. or unworthy. I just want to share the wealth. simply reply with your e-mail address and I will send an invite your way.

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
7:32 pm
Hi there! I was actually thinking of starting a bad roommate community myself... and how to cope with them. I went to check the situation and found this community. So I joined. :D (As long as you keep this one open... I won't start one. ;) )

I have had a few horrible roommates. Four years of college and living on campus will do that to you.

I will tell you a little bit about my freshman year roommate. She was by far the worst. more under hereCollapse )

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