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And I was having a pretty good today, too...

So am I going to be the only posting here? Maybe. ;) Anyway, so as I mentioned last time, the roomies and I (sans the fourth one) had come up with a kitchen cleaning schedule the other night. Roomie B. was to clean it this past week, but she went away for the weekend and didn't come back till Thursday and cleaned on Friday. Fine, although each new person's week "begins" on Monday. So I told her that since she just cleaned on Friday, I would wait until this Friday on this, my week, as there wasn't much point in doing it on Monday (two days after she'd cleaned). She said, oh, fine, you just pick a day in that week to clean, it doesn't have to be that Monday just whatever day works good for you. So fast forward to today, the kitchen isn't spotless, but it's fine, except for the floor needs to be mopped, the burners probably need to be scrubbed, you know, stuff like that.

We have a garbage can in the kitchen, and the other night it was full. The policy is for WHOEVER to take it out whenever it's full, but I wasn't going to go out to the Dumpsters in the middle of the night, and none of my other roommates took it out either. Nonetheless, I didn't add any garbage to it, and hadn't for a couple of days, as I knew I was taking my own room's garbage out on my way to work this morning so I just filled that up. I figured I'd take the kitchen garbage out tonight on my way to class if no one else had done it by then. So I went to work, I came in today for a split second to get something, then was gone all early evening, had to run around and do some banking and shopping and grab a quick bite to eat before my evening class. So I have an hour before my class, and I come in the house with my salad and my bag of shopping, have barely put it on the front table before Roomie A., who's in the kitchen, says, "We have to talk." I'm like, fine, and put my stuff away as she's talking. She tells me the kitchen was disgusting (it wasn't) and there were crumbs all over and "they" figured out that I'm the only one who cooks so it must be from me. Now keep in mind, my car has been in the shop for the past week, so I actually haven't cooked, save for some mac and cheese, as I don't have anything to cook with sans a way to get to the grocery store. I ordered takeout mostly (and threw my takeout containers in either my room's trash or, in the case of a pizza box last week, the Dumpster). And mac and cheese doesn't leave crumbs, of course. Oh, and as I left this morning, there were biscuits left on the stovetop that someone had cooked (certainly not me) and that were still there as we were having this conversation, which certainly breaks the "no one else has cooked" hypthesis.

So, anyway, then A. says, "And then this trash can was full and there was stuff next to the trash can," hey, which I didn't put there, as I hadn't put anything in the trash can itself for two days and certainly wouldn't just leave crap on the floor, anyway. And she also says, "And you've never taken out the trash." Which is true, but we've only been here three weeks. I've taken out the bathroom trash, my own trash, and I've offered twice to take out the kitchen trash when I've been on my way out to the Dumpster, to which the reply was it was not's full enough right now, but thanks anyway. I say none of this, of course, I simply say, "I was going to take it out on my way to class, in fact."

So now I'm pissed, and it ruined actually a pretty good day I was having, too. Aargh! I was able to vent to my other roomie when she got home (the one I share a bathroom with) as she doesn't seem to be so anal.

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