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End of the School Year

So the roommate that I've been having problems with all year, is finally leaving. As am I. I'm excited to be boarding in a home with my landlord right up stairs and strict guidelines as to the state of dishes and such.

Unfortunately, the problem roommate has decided to leave myself and my other three roommates high and dry. In the lease (as is the case with most leases), it states that we are to clean the house prior to moving out, as that is how it was given to us. Well, we decided to divided and conquor. She was stuck with the kitchen, which is pretty much clean now, as my one roommate cleaned out the fridge and such. She has decided to not do said assigned duties.

Thankfully, our landlord, who has been aware of the situation since November, is coming over tomorrow. We're going to tell him that if he needs to bring someone in to clean the kitchen, he can charge the dirty roomie, as it was her responsibility to clean that room.

I can't wait for her to finish moving out. She hasn't slept here in almost two weeks, but she's still not done moving to where ever it is her dirty self will be infesting next.

Here's to the end of the school year! Cheers :D
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