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I'm glad to have found this community, as this is the first time I'm living with roommates.

It's not that they're bad roommates, exactly. (We're in a house and have our own bedrooms). I share a floor and bathroom with one girl, who has been absent a lot due to a family crisis. The other two girls share the other floor/bathroom.

I feel like those two have been excluding me. We're polite and nice to each other, but they're always chatting and going places and do not include me, and it makes me feel like I'm back in damn high school. I've tried initiating conversations, I even invited one of them to a movie (couldn't because of work). One of them currently has her boyfriend over for the weekend, which is fine, because he's a nice guy. I just think I should've maybe been asked, because this is my house too, after all, and I don't know this guy from Adam. If asked, I would've said fine, unless they wanted to have sex as I'm right below her and I'm generally not comfortable with that: I've never been in a position to hear other people gettin' it on (I don't know if they are or not, I hinted around about it to figure out their sleeping arrangements: he's sleeping on the floor supposedly because you can only barely fit one person in our beds, let alone two).

The other thing is that we had our scheduled house meeting without the other girl (as she was gone, she knew we were going ahead so that's okay) and they came with a notebook full of things they wanted to talk about: scheduled kitchen cleaning, which cabinets to use, etc. That's fine, it's just that I felt like, once again, they had talked about all this among themselves and was being given the news, rather than asked to converse.

So am I crazy, or what? I'm a natural loner, so I just feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time in my own house. Maybe I'm paranoid.
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