poorfrances (poorfrances) wrote in badroomies,

Just an update...

Just an update from me, in case anyone's interested....


Well, we lost one roommate. She left about three weeks ago and hasn't returned. I heard from one roomie that Roomie C  is not coming back, she's been driving up from her home to go to classes. Apparently she had "enough things going on in her life without having to deal with...housing." Which I assume means "roommates."

The upside to that, though, is even though C was perfectly nice, the fact that she is no longer around means that Roomie A has become a lot friendlier (they were the two roomies attached at the hip).

This improved situation makes me think that I may at least be able to tolerate the situation for the next semester, which will give me time to save up money for an apartment of my own in town.

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