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Another update from me....

Which is that, yay! I moved into my own apartment (also talked about on my own LJ). We were getting another new roommate, and I decided that I just couldn't handle that prospect. I told the one roomie who was there at the time that was moving out, but then was able to do the actual moving out when she went on vacation for the break.

So I'm enconsed in my new apartment, and today I got an email from roomie #A wanting some dishwashing soap back. It was about half a bag of those Cascade/Dawn action packs that I had brought with me when I moved into there. I used them occasionally when I lived at the previous place and as there was still some left so I, of course, took them with me when I moved out. I fired back an email explaining that, but still can't believe anyone would make an issue out of a freakin' half bag of dishwasher soap. Especially as the last roomie who left trashed the place on her way out.
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