I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (riffrandell) wrote in badroomies,
I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

I got tons of bad roommate stories!!

Hi! I found this community by checking out who has the same interests. This is awesome. I hope your roommate situations have improved. Unfortunately, mine hasn't. My name is Stephanie, and I hate my roommate Marc.

Letting him move into my apartment, and letting him sign the lease with me, was the worst mistake of my life!

I will begin by telling you what happened prior to his moving in, and then what happened the day he moved in.

Before moving in, Marc told me that he was going to skip/sneak out of his current apartment so he can move into mine. I told him that I did not like that idea because it shows me that he will not be respectful to my landlords, who are the nicest people ever (and that's rare, believe me!), so I said that if he's not going to move out of his old place honestly and find a sublet/assign the lease, that I did not want him moving in. He specifically said that I was right, and that things would be easier for him anyway if he did things honestly.

So I figured things were all set. Later he said he found a sublet and that things were cool with his landlord. Fine. Great!

A couple of weeks later I went to his old place to help him move along with this dude Joe. To begin... Marc's apartment was disgusting. Dusty disgusting mess from hell. I almost gagged. I had to open a window. My heart was in my throat. But more on that later...

As we moved his stuff into the truck, yup, you guessed it! Down comes his landlord. Turns out Marc didn't tell him that he was moving, he was sneaking out of there. The landlord caught him, and got violent. They started yelling at each other, and almost started pushing. I thought there was going to be a fight. Marc continued to move his stuff as the landlord followed him screaming. I just stood there in complete disbelief. As Marc's back was turned, the landlord dude threw this mirror to the ground and smashed it. Marc asked me, yelling, "Did HE do that???!" I did not want to be involved in anything, I just stood there dumbfounded, not wanting to get involved.

The landlord went away in a huff, threatening to sue. I was LIVID. So I said to Marc that if he fucks over my landlords I will personally kill him. I was so pissed.

Then to add insult to injury, here is what happened when he moved his couch in... There is a big flight of stairs that lead into my apartment, and the couch is really heavy. So as Marc and Joe moved it in, they got lazy, didn't notice that there was a big piece of metal sticking out of the couch, and they (like idiots) pushed pushed the couch along my wood floor. THEY LEFT A 20 FOOT SCRATCH from the foyer to the living room right across the floor. 1 inch is an accident, 20 FEET!!! That's sheer stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, Marc tried to "fix it" only to turn a 20-foot scratch along the floor into a huge gaping mess after he tried to sand it down and refinish it. And here is what he did:

Sorry, the picture under the cut is really big, but that's the best way to show the magnitude of the scratch/sanded hell (That's my cat MooMoo btw :). The scratch is much longer than what is shown in the image.

That is just the first story. I have plenty more, which I'll post in the future. SIGH.

Stay positive, OK? *hugs*
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