Burlesque Bettie (_underj0yed_) wrote in badroomies,
Burlesque Bettie

Only six more months...

First time poster here.

I live with two other girls in a pretty nice three bedroom apartmetn. One of the girls, Steph is someone with whom I get along with pretty well. I'm about ready to kill the other one, Jen.

Jen and I were friends before we moved in together and I can honestly say that won't be the case when our lease is up. She leaves all of the cleaning and such to Steph and I even though she is the one who makes a majority of the mess in the bathroom and kitchen. She has a dog and a ferret, neither of which she takes care of since she tends to either be at her boyfriends house or working third shift at her job. Most of the time, she's wih her boyfriend. I can't tell you how many times I've been late to work becuase I've had to take out her fucking dog. Also, please imagine the stench of a ferret that is cleaned out about once every two weeks (it's disgusting). Now combine that with the smell of unwashed dog, and her unwashed dishes piling up in the sink. Now picture Jen bitching at me because my cat just took a dump in her litterbox and it smells bad. Please note that I use Febreeze, candles and incense to cover up any smells by the litterbox as a way to be courteous.

One memorable story I have is from two months eariler, when I had the flu. I had just come home from class and the only thing on my mind was to go home and pass out until the next morning. Jen and her boyfriend were out in the living room drinking and watching TV--which wouldn't have been a problem had they not been loud as hell. After about an hour of putting up with the noise, I shuffled outside and asked her to keep the noise down. I kid you not, she responded with "Lick my ass." Classy. The noise continued until around three. I had to work at seven.

I have a feeling I'll be posting more stories here. I just wrote a note on the whiteboard asking Jen to clean up her month old coffee that was spilled in the fridge and it had been sitting there for a few days. Her answer?

"Fuck whoever spilled my coffee"

And the coffee's still there. *sigh* Only six months to go.
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