The Golden Senju (the_senj) wrote in badroomies,
The Golden Senju


I saw this and had to join, I got some stories of my own.

Ok, so today I gotta go back to school from term break and don't know what they'll give me, since the girl I last had is gone.

I'll call her...V, since her name starts with that. Anyhow, she was my friend from when we met in the fall, and yeah I knew she was a slob, but not that bad back then really, and I'm not much of a clean freak either. There is such thing as going too far though! Holy shit, I swear for the past couple months, the room stank to high heaven of weeks worth of dirty laundry, not to mention other things. I mean, I'd come in to find filthy underpants on the floor, brown and nasty, and on her bed, a nice juicy wet spot where her and her know what. That seemed to happen quite a bit when I left the room, and our neighbor had nearly walked in on them. She also complained that the room, no matter if the fan was on and how many cans of spray were used, was so rancid it crept through the bathroom to her room.

I was happy when she packed up to leave, things smelled so much better, now that the mess was off the floor. Seriously I don't know how we passed inspections each week, she'd just push it all under the bed and that was it, and somehow we got by with only vaccuming like, 5 times since being there in February. I miss her because she was cool to talk to, but I don't miss the grossness!

She's not the worst I've dealt with though, what comes closest to the Roomate from Hell I'll post in another topic sometime!
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