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Hi guys. This is x-posted to roomates_suck as well...

My new roommate moved in on Aug. 11th of this year, so I've lived with him less than a month. He's a nice enough person and is fairly quiet and mostly keeps to himself. Also he works four nights a week, so that's 4 nights I can have the house to myself which is good. However, he can be irritating in many ways. For instance, he seems to think that the magical dish-washing fairy will do his dishes for him.

I do my own dishes as I go - I used to have the really bad habit of letting them accumulate for a few days, but I cook a lot, and this became problematic and disgusting, so I trained myself to do them as I use them. He doesn't cook at all - he lives on hot dogs, pop tarts, and lunch meat. But every time he gets a different drink, he gets a different glass. He'll make a sandwich and eat it and pile the plate he used, encrusted with mayo and mustard and crap, right in the sink. The only dishes in the sink right now are his, that he used. I refuse to be his maid and wash them for him.

I had to show him how to use the washing machine and dryer. Twice. He's 39 years old, and he can't figure out how to use a washer and dryer just by looking at it? Oh noes, the knobs and turnie thingies are too complicated!!!!1!1 This guy is intelligent and reads avidly, you think he could just look at the thing and figure it out - it's not damn rocket science!

Hygeine is important. Hygeine is good. Hygeine is your friend. My roommate does shower, but only on days when he has to be presentable, i.e. work days. I never understood people who only shower when they "have to." To me, I shower because it feels good to be clean. Aparently it's too much work for this dude. He also doesn't make a practice of washing his towels until they STINK of mildew (this is where my bottle of Febreze comes in handy), so he's drying off with nastiness screwing up any cleanliness he may have had after his shower.

He also has halitosis breath from hell, which you can smell across the room when he talks to you. He did laundry for the first time since he moved here a couple of days ago. He's lived here almost a month. And it was a small load which means he wears the same clothes over and over again. And he walks everywhere since he doesn't have a car, and he wears long sleeves, and it's been hotter than hell here. So yeah, my roommate STINKS most of the time.

Furthermore, he took over my house with his stuff! He has so much stuff. A lot of his stuff is crowding my garage, too. This house used to be my grandmother's, and so my parents own and rent it to me. They want to have a friend of ours come in and put in a new bathroom floor, but the place is a mess and they're a bit embarassed by the state of the common areas in this house. The whole living room is covered in boxes still unpacked, and the unpacked ones he's kept in here in piles. It's been almost a month, get your crap put away already! And while you're at it, maybe stop collecting more crap for awhile since you have so much of it - he's gotten a bunch of packages of just random stuff delivered here since he moved in - everything from electronics to books to DVD's. He has a hoarding disorder or something, I think. Bleh.
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